Changeset [e33f295aef7a05f15b01e2fe5a10d717841ca2fe] by Kalin Harvey

June 8th, 2009 @ 11:09 PM

Merge branch 'master' of

  • 'master' of (24 commits) items now show their name in the titlebar, cute.[#45 status:resolved [#54] changed text on betabar, thanks ees! added a rather large buffer region on the bottom of the page. [#60] added cc license to footer changed text on homepage [#55 status: resolved] companies should have addresses companies should have addresses, this is true. default select an item of some sort on new. oops, double description on editable pages added summary and description titles for each section, did them small like [#63 status:resolved] added text class to search box summaries are now run through markdown as well, albeit in the view, rather than the model, it might be better to switch this down to the model later, but this fixes this here and now. Increase upload file size to 15 megs, [#65 changed the titles of the fields, but they are not yet linked] dangling links were being jerks when there were periods, changed "Bug Tracker" to "View Support Tickets" as per ees [#43 ] added two button states as spans 'building was hardcoded in to stats update field, we could easily update stats for buildings but the ck choi building was created as 'a page' this was an issue for the stat o tron but we did not see it because we were too busy editing just straight up buildings. some js stuff wasn't working, most notably, the 'click here to enter edit mode', ...

Committed by Kalin Harvey

  • M app/helpers/application_helper.rb
  • M app/models/company.rb
  • M app/models/item.rb
  • M app/models/picture.rb
  • M app/views/dashboard/index.html.erb
  • M app/views/items/_description.html.erb
  • M app/views/items/_edit_gallery.html.erb
  • M app/views/items/_edit_project_team.html.erb
  • M app/views/items/_edit_stats.html.erb
  • M app/views/items/_edit_tags.html.erb
  • M app/views/items/_ratings.html.erb
  • M app/views/items/_summary.html.erb
  • M app/views/items/_version_info.html.erb
  • M app/views/items/new.html.erb
  • M app/views/items/show.html.erb
  • M app/views/layouts/_footer.html.erb
  • M app/views/layouts/_header.html.erb
  • M app/views/layouts/application.html.erb
  • M app/views/layouts/map.html.erb
  • M config/deploy.rb
  • M public/javascripts/js.js
  • M public/stylesheets/old_gbb.css
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